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COMMUNITY GROUPS!  You’re welcome to contact the church office for details on the various monthly meeting dates and to discover new ways to connect with friends and families at Riveroaks through these groups and other activities!

Are you interested in joining a community group? Groups have been established throughout much of the greater Memphis area and have 8-12 people per group. Children and students are most welcome in the groups!  For more info, leave a comment below or contact Pastor Nate Smith through the church office (901-755-772).


But you may ask . . .“Well, why should I join a group?” The Christian life, like our God, is one rich in community! God in his grace is making us more like him and he does so through our interaction in community! Fellowship, prayer, study, and even sharing a meal together brings us closer to one another and to our Lord. Community is not optional for the Christian!


“Life in isolation is easy, but not good. Life in community is messy, but very good.” (paraphrase from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together)

“Christian community is like the Christian’s sanctification. It is a gift of God which we cannot claim. Only God knows the real state of our fellowship… What may appear weak and trifling to us may be great and glorious to God.” (from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together)

2 thoughts on “Community Groups

  1. My husband and I are new to Riveroaks and are interested in joining a community group. Could you send me a schedule and locations for the groups? Thanks!

    • Katie, I hope you and your husband have been able to connect with a group by this time. If you have any questions about your community groups or their upcoming schedules, feel free to contact Rev. Nate Smith at the church office.

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